We Offer All Types Of Flooring Accessories To Meet Your Building Needs

Flooring Accessories in PerthFlooring accessories can change the look of your homes. It adds flair to your otherwise plain walls and floors. It comes in different materials, styles, and colours. Different accessories also have different uses. They are not merely used to beautify or accentuate but most flooring accessories are extremely useful.

Here at Perth Focus on flooring, we offer really competitive market prices for all your flooring accessories needs. We get our products directly from the manufacturer that is why we can give you the best price in West Australia. You can save as much as 75% when availing of flooring accessories from us. We also offer wholesale prices. That means that if you are in the building business, you will be able to save big when you source your materials from us.

Another thing why you should get your flooring materials from us is because we carry a wide array of accessories for all your flooring needs. Let me give you a brief background about the flooring accessories that we offer.
• Acoustic Underlays – For those who like to lessen the noise in one’s home, then acoustic underlay may be the product that you are looking for. It is made of rubber and acoustic foams to reduce airborne sound. The type of acoustic underlay that you should choose would depend upon the sound that you are trying to stop. Thickness varies per type of acoustic underlay so make sure that you purchase just the right amount of thickness.
• Aluminum trims – These not only accentuate floors or walls, but these actually have a nifty use. This is one of the most practical flooring accessories available. We already know that hardwood floors may expand over time, that is why when hardwood flooring is installed, builders put a small gap on the sides to make sure that when it expands, it will not damage the entire flooring surface. You may be worried that this type of flooring accessories in Perth will not look natural on your hardwood floors. But, this actually comes in different colours to make sure that there will be a trim that will perfectly match your floors.
• Scotia – Like aluminum trims, this is also one of the flooring accessories in Perth that is used to cover the gap on the floor’s perimeter. It is a type of decorative moulding that comes in a concave style. It can be either made from wood or MDF. It also comes in different shades so that it will match your flooring’s colour scheme.
• Skirtings – This is one of the flooring accessories in Perth that is considered to be decorative and useful at the same time. Skirtings are attached to the base of the wall. It is either glued, screwed or even nailed on your walls. But apart from being decorative, this can be used to hide unsightly electrical wirings. Also, it can be used to cover the gaps between the wall and the floor. This also comes in different materials and colours to match your existing walls and floors.
• Stair nosing – This type of flooring accessories in Perth is primarily used for safety reasons. It is attached to the edge of the stairs to make the length longer making it more comfortable for people to walk up and down the stairs. This actually reduces the risk of falling off the stairs.
• Splay beading – This is also one of the flooring accessories in Perth that is used primarily to cover the gaps on the floor’s perimeter. This is very similar to scotia. But unlike scotia which comes in a concave design, this comes in a convex design. This also comes in different materials, styles, and colours.

These are just some of the Perth flooring accessories that we offer. We do carry a wide range of Perth flooring accessories. If what you are looking for is not mentioned in this article, feel free to give us a call or visit our office at your convenience.

When it comes to your Perth flooring accessories needs, trust only a company like ours that has years of experience in supplying and selling floor products. We have years of experience in this field and you can trust that we will do a superb job every single time. Get in touch with one of our expert sales personnel today so you can get started on choosing the right Perth flooring accessories for your home.

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