Why WPC Hybrid Waterproof Flooring Perth Is Essential

The floor revolution started with vinyl, then moved on to laminate, but now there’s a new material that’s doing the rounds, and it’s hybrid flooring. As the name suggests, it is far more superior than vinyl or laminate. In fact, it is a fusion of these two, and it gives floors the much-needed finish making it look premium from all corners. It is also known as WPC hybrid waterproof flooring in Perth where WPC stands for Wood Plastic Composite. Understanding hybrid flooring Homeowners are often flattered by the finish and look of floors, and that’s why they tend to spend an enormous amount of money on materials that don’t usually last long. But, WPC hybrid waterproof flooring Perth is different. This revolutionary flooring option gives the look that hardwood floors provide, but also combines the strength, durability, and finish of vinyl and laminate floors. They are rigid enough to withstand daily wear and tear for decades. With the best features of three different flooring options, this is undoubtedly the floor that can fit in all the rooms of the house perfectly. Many homeowners prefer to have wooden floors in the living room and bedroom, but not in the kitchen and bathroom because of their high maintenance. However, WPC hybrid flooring in Perth is an exception. These floors are not only durable and stylish but also waterproof, allowing people to install them in kitchens and bathrooms without a second thought. Why is WPC hybrid flooring the best choice? WPC hybrid waterproof flooring Perth is the ideal option for homeowners these days because it gives the perfect balance of aesthetics, longevity, and low cost. With stiff competition from hard flooring categories, WPC hybrid waterproof flooring has risen to the top due to many reasons: 1. Better technology Perth WPC hybrid flooring uses the latest technology that combines the best features of laminate and vinyl floors, making it 100% waterproof. Homeowners who always fear that their floors will suffer from dampness during inclement weather now have an excellent solution to their problem. Those who are fond of timber floors but can’t afford them can now have the same look by using hybrid floors. Moreover, timber floors are not appropriate for bathrooms and kitchens as water will reduce their quality and decrease their life. WPC hybrid waterproof floors are ideal for all the rooms, especially if there are kids and pets in the house. 2. Clean look Most people spend fortunes on their house floors because they want to make it look aesthetically pleasing. Hardwood floors provide that clean look that homeowners long for. But, they also come at a price. If people are not willing to spend such massive amounts of money, yet have the same look as hardwood floors, it is wise to go for a WPC hybrid floor. The seamless look this floor provides gives a harmonious feel to the entire house. Plus, homeowners can save thousands. 3. Durability Families that have kids and pets in the house will need durable floors. Since the foot traffic is higher, the floor should be able to endure the daily wear and tear. Compared to all the other flooring options, WPC hybrid waterproof flooring Perth provides this much-needed durability. Most importantly, floor maintenance is crucial when there is a big family. With timber floors, people will have to spend hours or call a professional for its upkeep. However, that’s not the case with WPC hybrid flooring Perth. It hardly requires any maintenance. All the homeowner has to do is clean it with soap and water now and then, and that’s all the maintenance the floor needs. 4. Strength The quality of a floor is often determined by its strength and ability to withstand rough usage. While hardwood floors offer strong competition, WPC hybrid waterproof flooring Perth surpasses its competitors because it combines the qualities of vinyl and laminate floors. Whether it is installed in the living room or the dining room, these floors can last for years without a scratch. 5. Appeal Imagine a floor that has all the qualities from different flooring options. It would be incredible to have such a floor in the house, right? That’s exactly what hybrid waterproof flooring offers to homeowners. It is beautiful, it is durable, it is cost-effective, and it comes with a lifetime warranty – a combination that people dream about. Layers of WPC hybrid flooring One of the reasons why these floors are so durable is that they have four different layers supporting each other. While vinyl or laminate floors only have a single layer, WPC hybrid floors have four layers making it tough and strong so that they last for an eternity. • First layer This is known as the backing layer. It provides the strength to the planks acting as its backbone. Since it is the last layer of the floor, it has the ability to support the entire weight of the floor singlehandedly. The backing layer distributes the weight equally so that all the layers can work in tandem allowing the unit to function correctly. • Second layer The second layer is called WPC core. As the name suggests, it is a mixture of wood plastic composite, making it the primary attraction of these floors. WPC hybrid waterproof floors contain WPC core, which is the raw material giving it the strength to last for decades without any dent or bulge. This allows the floor to sit tight so that it won’t ripple, peel, or swell no matter how much liquid you pour on it. Usually, hardwood floors tend to swell when there is moisture involved, but that’s where WPC hybrid floors have taken the edge. • Printed vinyl layer As already mentioned, these floors combine the features of laminate and vinyl floors, and the third layer is a great example of what hybrid floors derive from the vinyl variant. This is the layer that provides the gorgeous look, making it identical to wood or stone floors. 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