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Timber flooring remains to be the flooring choice of most homeowners due to its classic and timeless elegance. Not only that, you can expect that it can last years. For those who are still undecided if they want to get timber flooring for your homes, we will help you decide if this is indeed the right flooring option for you.

First off, timber flooring is actually made of real wood that is just coated depending on the colour and the look that you want. There are a lot of finishes, coatings, and colours available that you can choose from. For finishes, you would have a number of different options. You can choose from water-based finishes, oil-based finishes, urethane, varnish, or wax. Each one has different properties. Drying time and odour vary based on the type of finish that you choose. You should definitely consider how long you would be unable to use the floor due to the drying time. Some will dry in a few hours and others will take days before it completely dries. If you have small children in the house or if you are sensitive to smell, you should definitely consider a finish that has a very mild odour as it can take long for the odour to be completely gone. You should definitely consider a water-based finish since the smell is very mild.

The downside of timber flooring is it is not very versatile. That means you cannot use it in wet areas and in places where humidity is very high as it can affect the quality of the wood. Thus, you should not use timber flooring in bathrooms, pool decks, laundry rooms, and other wet areas.

Homeowners who choose to change their floors or install floors on their own often opt for timber flooring in Perth because it is easy to install. DIY enthusiasts usually choose the glueless self-locking system over the direct glue system since it is much easier. Direct glue systems are better done by professionals like us who have experience in installing timber flooring in Perth for years.

To set your expectations, timber flooring in Perth can dent and scratch. It is best to use felt tips on your furniture’s legs to protect your floor. There is some timber flooring in Perth that is harder than others. If dents are an issue to you, you should opt for harder floors so that the floor will not dent easily. Keep in mind that harder timber floors will still dent and scratch.

Here at Perth Focus on Flooring, we have a number of flooring systems that you can choose from. We also offer a system that is really easy to install: Eco-Walk. It is one of the most affordable timber floorings in Perth that is available on the market today. Not only that, Eco-Walk is sourced ethically. It also comes with 13 layers of coatings to make it resistant to stains and minor scratches. If you are in a rush and do not have time to wait for the flooring to fully set, then Eco-Walk is your best bet. As soon as installation is completed, you can freely walk on your Perth timber flooring and not worry about a single thing. This is also a good option for DIYers due to its hassle-free installation process. 

If still unsure if Perth timber flooring is for you, just give us a call or visit our showroom. Our friendly staff will help you out and give you the advantages of using this type of flooring system. Our knowledgeable team can guide you in the right direction and advise you on what option is best suited for your house. Rest assured that we will only recommend the Perth timber flooring that will surely meet your requirements and your budget. We carry different premium brands so you can be assured that you will be getting floors that are of really high quality.

We are also proud to say that we offer very competitive prices throughout West Australia and our customers can attest to that. Most would say that we offer one of the best if not the best price in the market today for Perth timber flooring. What are you waiting for? Contact us today or visit our showroom so we can tell you more about the different types of Perth timber flooring that we have.

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