Carpet Flooring

in Perth

Why carpet in Perth, you may ask yourself?

Carpet flooring has many benefits that are preferred over other types of floor coverings. It is very comfortable underfoot and is soft and warm.

It comes in a wide array of textures and colours to suit any decor. Carpet is also very resilient, comes with advanced stain treatments and it does not crack or scratch.

Especially in Perth, Carpet is also an excellent insulator from the hot summers and cold winters. It will create a quieter ambient environment reducing household noises produced by footsteps, dropped items and noisy activities in adjacent floor levels or rooms.

Perth Carpet flooring come in different styles and made from both natural and man-made materials.

Perth Focus On Flooring is able to offer to its customers most well known Carpet manufactures brands sold in Perth and Australia including its unbeatable WAREHOUSE ROLL STOCK SPECIALS. With our big container size buying power and Import Direct purchasing, we offer arguably the Best Prices In Australia on carpet type flooring.

We offer the most well known Carpet manufactures brands sold in Perth and Australia



Styles consist off:

- Cut Pile
- Cut Pile Plush
- Loop Pile
- Sisal
- Multi-Level Loop Pile
- Level Cut & Loop
- Twist
- Combination Pattern Cut & Loop pile.



Polyester: Soft, colorfast, and affordable.

Nylon: Suitable for all carpet styles with effective stain treatments. Durable, resilient, and varied color choices.

Polypropylene: Typically used in loop style carpets; colorfast and stain-resistant.

Wool: Soft, noise-absorbent, durable, eco-friendly, and fire-resistant.

Wool Blend: 80% wool, 20% synthetic; durable with a pure wool look, luxuriously soft, reduced shedding, and fire-resistant.

SPF Nylon: Vibrant colors, fade-resistant, easy-clean stain treatment, and non-slip surface.

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