Bamboo Flooring

in Perth

Summary of the many great benefits of Bamboo flooring in Perth:

  • Perfect for the DIY enthusiast – Layover most surfaces and quick job turnaround.

  • Easy Click Lock Installation – Glue-less joining system

  • Pre-finished allowing the floor to be installed and walked on on the same day

  • Scratch-resistant coatings provide a durable wear surface

  • Hardest and toughest natural flooring product available

  • Exotic and unique appearance

  • Sustainable and renewable resource – Eco friendly

  • Exceptionally great value for money

  • Easy to clean & maintain

  • Very Low Ratings for VOCs

  • Extensive range of styles, colors & textures.

  • UV Acrylic Urethane scratch resistant Coating

In Perth, Bamboo flooring has established itself as one of the most popular natural flooring choices for the homes of many Australians.

Perth Focus On Flooring is able to offer to its customers most well known quality established brands sold in Australia including its unrivaled premium “Focus Brand”. With our big container size buying power and Import Direct purchasing we offer arguably the BEST PRICES IN AUSTRALIA on bamboo flooring in Perth.

We offer the most well known quality established brands sold in Australia including its unrivaled premium “Focus Brand”.



Bamboo in its natural state is one of the strongest and fastest growing trees in the world which is harvested from managed forests for Bamboo flooring manufacture every five to six years.

Most Bamboo is sourced in China. It is Eco friendly, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable


unique styles

In Bamboo flooring, it is transformed into an exotic, elegant and extremely durable natural type of floorcovering.

Bamboo is manufactured in many ways creating a different appearance for each one. Horizontal T&G (Tongue and Groove) , Vertical T&G , Engineered Cross Ply Strand Woven T&G and Strand Woven Solid Compressed glueless locking system.



Bamboo flooring in Perth can be a floating floor or directly stuck. The preferred type is the Solid Strand Woven Compressed glueless system for its distinct look, hardness, and resistance to stains and scratches.

Available in Hand Scraped or Smooth finishes, it's pre-finished for immediate use post-installation. The self-locking technology makes it ideal for DIY enthusiasts and requires no glue.

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