Bamboo Flooring: The Good And The Bad

Perth Bamboo FlooringConsidering bamboo flooring for your home in Perth?


Well, before you decide on that, you should understand the different pros and cons that come with this flooring option. Allow us to give you a background about bamboo floors. Contrary to popular belief, bamboo is not considered real wood as it comes from a type of grass. A majority of the bamboo supply comes from China and other parts of Asia. There are different types of bamboo flooring in Perth but traditional ones are made from cut stems that are made into flat planks.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider bamboo floors as your flooring option:

• Cost – Many people choose bamboo flooring as it is a very cost-efficient option. Compared to other hardwood flooring options, bamboo floors would definitely cost much less.
• Durability – Good quality bamboo can withstand normal wear and tear. There are even some types of bamboo floors that are harder than traditional hardwood floors. However, please take note that darker types of bamboo flooring are less durable. The process done to achieve the darker shade weakens the bamboo flooring.
• Lower Ecological Impact – Bamboo only takes about 5 years to be mature and to be fully-developed. By this time, it is ready to be processed into flooring. In contrast, trees that are used for hardwood floors would usually take at least 20 years to be fully mature. On top of that, this type of flooring system is biodegradable and recyclable.
• Low Maintenance – Perth Bamboo flooring is very easy to maintain as it can be cleaned with using just mop and mild soap. There is no need to use special products to clean your floors. This is a plus for homeowners who do not have time to pick up speciality cleaning products.

Like any other hardwood floors, bamboo flooring has its limitations. It would be best to know about these drawbacks before you finally decide on floors for your home.
• Toxic Emissions – When bamboo flooring in Perth is processed, harmful chemicals may have been used. Volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) can be released into the air over time. The emission of VOCs varies depending on how the planks were manufactured.
• Not scratch-resistant – Bamboo floors are prone to scratches. Pets’ claws, moving furniture, and even high heels can cause scratches and dents on bamboo floors. Even small particles of dust can cause scratches on bamboo floors.
• Soft – Bamboo that has been harvested early and has not allowed to mature for a few years can be really soft. Also, some processes can result to your floors being softer compared to matured bamboo. This is especially true when the bamboo went through carbonization process to give them a darker colour. So you should be wary of choosing dark-coloured bamboo flooring in Perth as it is weaker and softer.
• Susceptible to Humidity – Like other types of hardwood floors, humidity can greatly affect the quality of bamboo flooring in Perth. When installed in areas where humidity is high, the planks will expand. While it will shrink in extremely dry environments.
• Water Damage – Compared to other types of hardwood floors, bamboo flooring in Perth is more resistant to damages caused by water. However, keep in mind that when left wet for a long time or if there is too much moisture, the flooring will warp.

These are the things that you have to weigh when you are considering bamboo floors. It has been the go to flooring option of those who want to save a lot but still want their homes to look like they have hardwood floors installed. You should definitely consider Perth bamboo flooring when you live in an area where the weather and temperature are not extreme. It would be perfect for your home as you need not worry about it expanding or shrinking if humidity and moisture in the place that you want to install it is well within the normal range. We understand that even with saying these things some are still unsure whether they should get Perth bamboo flooring. But, one thing is for sure, we can help you out and walk you through the process so as to lessen the confusion for you. We know different types of Perth bamboo flooring and we know which ones are of high or low quality.

We only sell high-quality Perth bamboo flooring with prices that are easy on the pocket. So for all your Perth bamboo flooring needs, call us up today!

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